About us

Lake Photonics GmbH was founded in the economically strong Lake Constance area of Germany, and is your ideal competent and reliable partner in the field of diffuse reflection and transmission materials.

Our company’s key competencies lie in the distribution of products and components made from our optical (porous) PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) marketed under the brand name Spectralex, as well as additional diffuse reflection materials for various different optical applications.


The business areas of Lake Photonics GmbH include:


  • Operation of an optical calibration laboratory with certified measurements
  • Production and distribution of diffuse reflection standards in different standardised constructions
  • Development of customer-specific solutions with diffuse reflection materials (Lambertian reflectors)

Our products are necessary components in wide-ranging applications within the field of photonics. These include white references in the form of reflection standards and reflection targets, diffuse reflection and transmission films, integrating spheres, reflectors for solid-state lasers, high-quality projection surfaces and many other optical components for the photonics sector.

Our optical materials and the semi-finished products these are used to produce are obtained from selected suppliers. The individual product components are then assembled and processed by us. We can of course also offer customer-specific one-off productions in addition to our basic range.

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