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Our products benefit from properties that are unique in the field of diffuse reflection and transmission. You can choose from our extremely wide range of solutions to suit your optical application in the UV-Vis-NIR range.

The various products can be used as reflection standards, integrating spheres, laser resonators, diffuser films and mixing chambers for LEDs. Large surface areas in diffuse reflecting materials create a neutral background for the white balance of CCD cameras and spectral imaging systems.

All of our products are made in Germany and meet the most demanding quality criteria.

We can of course also offer customer-specific one-off productions or large-scale productions in addition to our basic range. We would be happy to prepare a quote for you.

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Reflection standards

The pure material offers maximum diffuse reflection in the spectral range of 250–2500nm.

The optically constant reflection spectrum, the Lambertian BRDF properties and simple maintenance steps in the event of contamination make Spectralex the perfect reference test piece in the calibration of optical systems.

Lite targets

Spectralex is laminated onto a carrier plate in film thickness using a special procedure.

The aluminium honeycomb core also gives the composite panel very good stability at an extremely low weight. The product therefore boasts a range of significant benefits in terms of weight and cost.

Reflection targets

For optical applications requiring a larger reference measuring surface.

Spectralex reflection targets are particular well-suited for use in space and vacuum applications, as only pure optical PTFE can be used in these cases. It is also possible to have multiple reflection levels within a single reflection target.

Reflection films/transmission films

The films make it possible to implement a range of different applications in the field of diffuse light scattering

Using Spectralex diffusers guarantees a constant Lambertian light throughput over a wide wavelength range. When used as diffuse transmission films, the diffusers have very low back-scatter characteristics.